Zwischen den Gipfeln

Sylvie Rodriguez


Her project

Sylvie Rodriguez is a graduate of the Chelsea college of art and Design, London and form the HEAD, Geneva. She lives and works in Brussel. His solo shows include, A form unto it self, (GNF Gallery, Brussel). Mille feuilles, 2018 (Tansformers, Brussel). Chasse, 2015 (In-vitra, Bienne/Switzerland). Youryourte, 2015 (Zwitschermaschine, Berlin ). Mir nicht, dir nicht, 2014 (H29, Brussels). Correspondance, 2014 Espace Ruine, Geneva. The flag, 2014 (In-vitra, Bienne/Switzerland). Retour au camps de base, 2009 (Espace Mode d’emploi , Pékin). Vin, 2006 (Galerie M&N, Berlin). Made in, 2006 (Ox WareHouse, Macau). Where about ?,2005 (the States Museum of Hemitage, St Petersburg), Delta, 2004 (Espace Vema, Dakar). Flop: entre les tâches de boue séchée, l’océan, 2004 (Hachihactich, Kyoto). Flop : flotte et coule, 2004 (Videotoge, Hong Kong). Flop : eaux usagées, 2004 (Galerie expo3036, Berlin).

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