Zwischen den Gipfeln

Minnie Griffith

Within the levels, Betoninsel (mit Lorena Terzi)

Photography, Screenprint.

Minnie Griffith was born in England but grew up in the south of France and is now
living in Berlin working in different project spaces( Kulturpark 3000 e.V., PorjectSpace Zwitschermachine, Art & Culture Collective Czntrifuga/ Unter Druck e.V.
& Projectspace PremArts) as part of an european volunteer scheame (EVS) . She
passed her baccalaureate in 2015 and did two years of studies including fine arts
& languages. All forms of art have always been her passion,so she is now Learning &
gaining experience coached by Kultupark 3000 in projects with art activists.


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