Zwischen den Gipfeln

Marcelo Brasiliense

Rock Poneys, Objekte

Marcelo Brasiliense (Belo Horizonte, 1985), is garduated in Advertising and Publicity at UNI-BH (2007) and post-graduate in Plastic and Contemporary Arts at UEMG – Guignard (2011). In 2015 he was selected for an artistic residency at RED Studios – SP. He currently lives and works in the city of São Paulo and frequents the Hermes Artes Visuais discussion group.

His work includes items produced by the mass culture (xerox, magazines, cardboards, glitter, adhesive, synthetic and plastic materials) and organic materials (wood, stones and shells). These materials, when combined, re-create perceptions which dialogue with the pop, marginal and queer universe, involving questions related to the consumer society.

They are presented in different languages such as collages, sculptures and installations.


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