Zwischen den Gipfeln

Laura J.Lukitsch




Laura J. Lukitsch’s multi-cultural background infuses a deep sense of cultural inquiry into her work. Once an economics student in India, she has worked as a filmmaker with artictic, public television, and corporate clients from Silicon Valley to Johannesburg, and beyond. Beard Club, a film about the social politics of facial hair, is Laura’s first feature-length documentary.

Independent filmmaker Laura J. Lukitsch is a native of the US who now lives in Berlin, Germany. Her work has screened at film festivals in the US and Europe; has been featured in news platforms including Upworthy; and has been included in university curriculums and workshops. She often explores ideas of identity – highlighting those living on the margins of mainstream culture; the impact of systemic inequality; and the false security of social norms. Much of her work is based on immersive observation of a subject, first spending weeks, months of years with the material through location visits, interviews and research, then parsing the inquiry down to the essential ideas, feelings and impressions. She creates observational landscapes in both short and long form. Lukitsch received her master’s degree in economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India and bachelors in Marketing and Japanese Studies from the University of Iowa.

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