Zwischen den Gipfeln



Material: Photo-collage and mix techinique on paper, 36.5x27cm












[ ”Eu sou o Rio” Black Future the artist’s old band.]

The lyrics, in Brazilian language, quote shady places like the Galeria Alaska, the most famous gay and drag queen club in the 70s; and the most scandalous figures of the city, especially in Lapa: Zé do Queijo (mafiosi godfather of the Cachopa district), Zé Kéti and Cartola (popular samba composers who sang about the daily miserable life in the favelas, the latter remained indigent until turning 60, despite his numerous hits), Joãosinho Trinta (stage designer for Rio carnaval, who once had planned to embody Jesus Christ as a beggar), Sérgio Mallandro (Brazilian stand-up comedian and trash TV icon), Madame Satã [Mrs Satan] (a legendary Black drag queen of the ‘30s, both gangster and artist, whose name was used to christen the cult punk club of São Paulo)… Rio’s bad kids could not help but ironically wink at the “brizolão“, a State-funded boarding schools project for disadvantaged children set up by controversial leftist Governor Leonel Brizola, where the employees were asked to « be the social parents » to those kids. Some kind of an academic prison, if you carefully hear the way Black Future pronounce that word. They claimed the future would be black… but maybe the present was already black, in a way. and they seemed to enjoy it. Credit : , Kino Sousa