Zwischen den Gipfeln

Ellen Semen

1.) Traunstein wreck, 2017, 70x100cm, oil on canvas An old ship is stranded on the Traunstein shore, life jackets can be found on the shore. (The landscape was borrowed from a Biedermeier landscape and changed, that is, with the wreck emerging from another time and another sea, that actually does not belong there, equipped and a few lifejackets added).

2.) The Rest, 2017, 80x100cm, oil on canvas A group of people is resting between the peaks. In the background, a large crowd comes towards them. Two crash test dummy guys with life jackets stand helplessly beside a river. Another doll seat belted and helpless in a car seat. The scene was borrowed from Waldmüller (painters from the Biedermeier period and changed) It is obvious that I provide existing landscapes with new content and thus change the meaning of the images.

The combination of a somewhat old-fashioned aesthetics and a contemporary content opens the viewer to a changed view of the world only at second glance. short text: … Ellen Semen goes back to the time of the Biedermeier and provides landscapes and portraits of painters such as Waldmüller, Kaulbach and Fendi with strange set pieces that question our viewing habits very much … .. Ellen Semen often creates “strange” pictures, because of her Unfamiliar mixed beings do not fit into the familiar world. In idealizing landscapes that we know from the Biedermeier period, aliens or untimely objects suddenly appear like modern electrical appliances. Strange figures with masks appear on portraits, which are for example based on the cute characters Dannhauser. Ellen Semen’s new collages are also a tribute to the dadaism of Hannah Höch. Again, we find mixed beings with strange heads, who ask us how they fit into their environment. Mag. Simone Christl

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