Zwischen den Gipfeln

Interactive Performances & Live Music

Saturday 28.04.2018, 15 – 22 Uhr
Ort: Görlitzer Park / Mulde

Interactive performances 15.00 – 18.00 h live music 18.00 -22.00 h

Wir holen unsere Kunst aus dem traditionellen Zirkuszelt heraus und gehen in den öffentlichen Raum, um ihn als eine gemeinsame offene Galerie zurückzugewinnen. Unsere Absicht ist es, Verbindungen zwischen Menschen herzustellen, die normalerweise keinen Kontakt zueinander haben, und den Görlitzer Park als einen Lernraum für die Gemeinschaft neu zu entdecken.


The social circus Cabuwazi will participate to the Gallery Weekend in the frame of the collaborative project “Zwischen den Gipfeln” with an interactive station in Gorlitzer Park.

We choose to set our art out of the traditional circus tent to enter the public space and reclaim it as a common open gallery. Our intent is to create connections between people that normally will not have contact between each other and re-discover Gorlitzer park as a community learning space.

We will have open workshop with circus equipment like juggling balls, poi, chinese plates, monocycles, hula hoop and rings. The public will be invite to experience that circus is not just for professional but for everybody.

Our performance will include juggling, acrobatic, improvisation, clowning and storytelling and will point out the transversality of the circus world, as we are a group of circus people coming from different countries and backgrounds, brought together by this common passion.

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