Zwischen den Gipfeln


CABUWAZI is a youth circus from Berlin that started in 1994 and is, since 2010 partofGrenzKultur gGmbH. With its five places in socially difficult areas of the city, CABUWAZI offers circus pedagogical leisure time activities, mostly free of charge, for children between 4 and 21 years old.

Their Activitie for the Gipfeln project.

Next to regular trainings, CABUWAZI organises shows, holiday camps, co-operations with schools and nursery schools and also circus pedagogical trainings for teachers. The activities of CABUWAZI in Berlin are based on the idea that people, and children in specific, need to build up social competences in order to build up a stable and safe environment. Circus is an artform, a way of expressing that goes further then the spoken language. Together with the physical development of the body that circus provides – strength, balance, coordination – it demands a certain trust in yourself and the others. This trust is being taught through games, training and performances, and all of this as group activities. In this way, we as CABUWAZI, can give the children the opportunity to find for themselves who they are and help them build up these needed social skills.

The European and international youth work, like youth exchanges and EVS, are also an important part of the activities at CABUWAZI. CABUWAZI is an intercultural project, where on different levels in the organisation, people from different countries/religions/ages work together for the same goals. We have been sending and hosting volunteers for over 10 years, and have contacts to organizations in whole of Europe and neighbour partner countries. Also meetings between different circus of Europe, youth exchanges and youth initiatives are part of the core activities at CABUWAZI.

Since more than 10 year we are working directly with young people with refugee background. With “CABUWAZI Beyond Borders” we reaching out towards young refugees and provides them with an opportunity to take part in circus activities. While training in different disciplines – such as acrobatics, juggling, trampoline and balance – the children and youngsters are emboldened with respect to their personal and social capabilities including German proficiency. Generally we start training at their accommodation facilities for one week and end with a fantastic final show, where they present their new artistic skills to the audience consisting of friends, families, neighbours and schoolmates.



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